Artistry in a Wok-Tossed Summer

Cruising The Cape, Summer 2003

Artistry in a Wok-Tossed Summer

Shannon Hamilton’s Wok Tossed Summer exhibition at the Margaret River Art Galleries enjoyed a lot of attention towards the end of 2003.

The exhibition featured paintings inspired by Asian and beach themes.

“Like the Impressionists, I have spent years already experimenting with the effects of light on subjects, in particular my interest in the bright Australian light on our landscape and the way it warms the flesh on bodies/figures that bathe in it,” Ms Hamilton said.

“In similarity with the Expressionists, my work utilizes strong bold strokes of colour”.

“Regardless of the medium-whether I work in chalk pastels, oil on canvas/board or mixedmedia-my technique continues to be directional, strong, but soft, fresh and individual.

“In the artistic process, I want to recreate subject matter to make it my own”.