Curvy and Ripe

The Western Suburbs Newspaper, March 2004, Simone Considine

Curvy and Ripe

The nights may be getting cooler but Shannon Hamilton is holding onto that summer feeling in her new exhibition, Scent of a Mango. The warmth is tangible as in sumptuous hues of fuschia and ochre, the Wembley artist brings life memories to a sun drenched holiday in Broome lazing on the beach.

Most of the pieces in this exhibition portray women, of all shapes and sizes, warming themselves on the beach in their bikinis.

In most cases, the subject’s gaze is not met as Hamilton prefers “not to impose too much” but instead gives you a voyeuristic feeling of appreciating people without their knowledge.

This actually reflects the truth, as many of her paintings are based on sketchings of people she noticed lazing about during her holiday.

Hamilton is a master of painting the human form, having a background in nudes, and has managed to capture realistic detail using large brushstrokes inspired by the Impressionists.

The exhibition is all about sensuality, succulence and sunshine and images of mangoes and frangipanis, symbols of the tropics, the exotic and the erotic fit well.

“The figures I like to paint are full and ripe looking” she said. “I have focused on faces and personalities with body parts that for me seem a lot more sensual”.

This exhibition marks a new phase in Hamilton’s career following her departure from maverick Studios.

She is joined by successful Melbourne artist Monica Adams, who also concentrates on the feminine form with her trademark multilayered paint surfaces.

The two will exhibit at Gadfly Gallery, Dalkeith from March 5 to 28.