Meet The Artist

In Style Magazine, Vol 2, OCT 2004, Kandina Terrar

Meet The Artist

“Full of Promise, vibrancy and the pleasure of human observation, Shannon Hamilton’s works are extraordinarily intuitive. Gracing the walls of many public locations, private homes and offices, Shannon’s art brings warmth and vitality to any environment, relcting WA’s beautiful temperate location and its people as well as providing a unique perspective on international cultures and lifestyles”

Shannon Hamilton has a style that captures a sense of sublime joy or uninhibited abandon on behalf of her subjects. Her interpretation of mood and sensuality is inspirational and visually articulate. Preferring to work with a subject that is unaware of another human gaze, Shannon is able to portray character traits that are not contrived. It is this ‘snapshot’ of human nature that is brought to life through bold brushstrokes and emphatic colours.

Many of the paintings shown here are a result of a sundrenched holiday, lazing on a Broome beach. With a background in sketching and painting nudes, Shannon’s ability to capture the human form on canvas and add personality to each subject is enviable.

International travel broadens the horizons of any person aware enough of their own surroundings and situation to recognize similarities and differences in culture. “Two Girls in White Crossing Road” is a rare insight into cultural idiosyncrasies and offers a glimpse of Shannon’s recent travel experiences.

With many Solo and group exhibitions under her belt, Shannon is looking forward to a bright future with upcoming shows in Melbourne, the Margaret River Galleries (Dec 2005) and Singapore (June 2005).