Press Release

Artis Spectrum Magazine, June 2004, Danica Novgorodoff

“Inspired by the lifestyle and extraordinary climate of her native Western Australia, artist Shannon Hamilton paints candid portraits of beach dwellers at leisure on the sands and surf of the Australian shoreline: sunbathing, sea-bathing, dreaming and daydreaming. Her work in oil on canvas and chalk pastel uses the human form as a means to describe the gorgeous light of a summer afternoon, the coastal calm, and a state of harmony between people and nature. The refulgence of golden light is unmistakably that of the Australian landscape, with amber sunlight illuminating a pale shoreline and lucent azure waters. Inspired by the rich light of Impressionism and the vigor of the Fauvist movement, Hamilton reveals her passion for the human figure, painting the glow of skin and sand, the refractions of light through water, the shimmer of heat and the liquid mirage of landscape. Hamilton studied art in Australia, and has traveled throughout Europe, Africa and Asia, gaining world experience and colorful inspiration for her art.”