Tina Altieri - Commissioned Art

Tina Altieri and Jackson - Commissioned Art

Artist Statement

In recent years my personal experience has led me to focus mainly on the bond between parents and their children, because this is what I live and breathe everyday. It was a pleasure, as an artist, to share some family time with Australian media personality Tina Altieri and her long awaited son, baby Jackson, and in doing so share their glorious, intimate bond. This portrait speaks volumes about a mother’s overwhelming feelings of true love and completion. A baby that was longed for - wished for- over many years.

Even though Tina leads a very public life shining on camera, I was struck by the fact that her beauty and warmth are far more radiant in person. On TV she's expected to display such cool professionalism, but as a mother she is real, genuine, loving and, incongruously, an extremely private person. Her baby boy is her reason for being. Her family is like the thread that's used to create her life tapestry. Tina values family above all else.

Only a mother can understand the depth of this feeling, which is the powerful and moving emotion captured in this canvas.

Shannon Hamilton and Tina Altieri


"When all is complete - the missing piece"

Subject Statement

One of Western Australia’s most recognisable media personalities, Tina Altieri is a TV presenter, professional compere, writer, public speaker and communications trainer. She started her career in Perth radio and soon after joined Ten News, where she became the youngest newsreader in the country. She co-presented Channel Nine News, anchored Sky News and has presented shows internationally. Currently she is the summer host for WA’s number one current affairs programme, Today Tonight.

Tina has a sparking and dynamic nature and few know that in addition to her media career she is an accomplished singer who has performed locally and overseas. She now resides in Singapore and balances her time between work and family. She is passionate about language and communication and loves spending time with good friends.

Shannon Hamilton