About Shannon Hamilton

Shannon Hamilton creates appealing, familiar and exciting contemporary artwork which has found popularity throughout Australia and overseas.

Having loved art from a young age, Shannon developed her unique self-taught style during her career as an occupational therapist.

Giving occupational therapy away in 2000 to explore her own potential, Shannon has gone on to achieve outstanding success.

Shannon’s paintings feature strong, bold strokes of colour, tastefully capturing the sensuality of the human form in the warmth of Australian sunlight.

Having travelled the world, she also draws upon African and Asian cultures with a focus on warmth of human relationships, especially of mother and child.

Shannon's work,more recently, focuses largely on the warmth or human relationships,especially the bond between mother and child. She is becoming increasingly known for her soulful works depicting such universal human moments whilst remaining characteristically Australian.

Most of Shannon’s works are now sold studio direct, with buyers enjoying the experience of directly connecting with the artist.

Her artistic flair is also sought by those looking to find artwork to fit a particular space in homes, offices and newly developed buildings.

An extensive range of Shannon’s works - which use chalk pastels, oils on canvas/ board and mixed media - are available to view throughout this site.